Alex Stevens – Eurocreme czech hot boy

20 Mar

I was amazed by his smile. Also, in every porn movie he performed he has this devilish smile and hunger for sex and, most of all, for a good cock. He is one of the best pornstar i ever saw.
Here are just a few of his pics, showing him in great poses and a free gay porn scene from one of his best porn movies:

Alex Stevens And Damien Esco Sexy Jocks Gays


Prague: the gay porn source

12 Mar

I am a true  czech boy hunter. And i will fulfill this dream as soon as possible. 🙂

I was viewing alot of pictures on FaceBook and i concluded that i like Prague. I like its old smell and look, i like czech boys and i like its gay-friendly reputation. Speaking of witches, this is the reason for creating this blog. I like czech boys very much, and … lets be serious! I think everyone would like a nice czech boy in front of their eyes, uncovering his nice body, ass or cock. You gay bitches (like me), i love you all! Ohh, yeah, my dear reader, it is very true that if you read this post and you like it, you ARE a gay biatch, a crazy fucking biatch. But you know what? That is ok. There is nothing wrong with this 🙂

Lets continue our Prague porn tour! I was reading this article, about the gay porn industry in Prague and i cant imagine what would be the gay porn industry with a name like BelAmi. But… BelAmi is another story, wich we will bring on another article… For now, lets see some of the czech gay porn stars…




Czech Guys Don`t Like Plastic


Mr. Gay for Czech Republic (Tomas Fryda)

21 Feb

As a gay porn czech hunter as i am, i gladly present you Mr. Gay Europe event, hosted, offcourse, by the Czech Republic. As much as i like blonde guys and czech gay men, i cant say that Tomas Fryda (the delegate for 2012 at Mr. Gay Europe)  is one of my favourite kind.
I cant say if i prefere to see him just on a gay porn movie cover or in my bed. I simply cant imagine something „porno” about him, i dont know why.

What do you guys think?



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Loads of Czech Huter videos for free

25 Nov

For those who love the Czech Hunter series, here are about 30 vids.

Rainy day in Prague, Czech Hunter 25

26 Oct

I am watching this full porn video from the Czech Hunter series. This time, the camera guy can`t find a public place where he and his pray can do naughty things. But he finds a young boy who is willing to make sex for money, at his place, in the neighbourhood. I like this part, because it seems that the young czech enjoys the fucking as much as the gay who paid him for having sex. He has a beautiful huge cock wich rises up out of excitement. Watch the video below, you will like this.

Free download Czech Hunter 25

Czech guys

26 Oct

After i have seen this video, i think i want to make plans to visit Prague for a couple of days. I can`t believe my eyes! Czech guys are so damn hot. Look at these guys, how hot they are! I want to eat that ass! I want to feel that muscles on my skin. And what`s best, these guys are gay, judging the way they fuck eachother.

Hot Czech Bareback Fuck

Czech Hunter 42: the guy from the swiming pool

24 Oct

Czech Hunter part 42 HD quality embed
I found out today another Czech Hunter full video and i feel like sharing it with you guys. This young boy is fucking sweet and he enjoys taking the dick in his mouth and ass. Enjoy the free Czech Hunter porn video.